The ultimate address for house beautiful

By Rachna Virdi October 29, 2023

A décor masterclass on festive brights to deck up your home this season.

The opulent Marwari community is known for its love for luxury and grandeur in every aspect including home décor. From refined and immersive luxury to understated aesthetics, from elegant craftsmanship to sophisticated elements, the contemporary Marwari is seeking captivating home trends that add touches of festive brights to their living space.

With décor experts redefining home aesthetics tailored to festive perfection, we dig out some swish trends that are getting bigger this season. Take inspiration and refurbish your home to celebrate the festive season in style.

timeless decor

Simplistic indulgence is underscored with crisp silhouettes, soothing colour palettes and natural finishes. Novel pieces of furniture such as sofas, chairs, dining sets, poufs and coffee tables by Orange Tree personify elegance with the right dash of functional appeal. Think contemporary styles that display the beauty of simplicity equipped with design elements and smooth finish.

captivating sheers

Taper the monotony in a boutique space with sheers and curtains by The Concreate Story. Install coloured glass doors in the alley leading to the bedrooms as light strikes from behind. Balance the impact of colour by creating an archway of curtains in emphasising details and tussar silk roman blinds.

serene vibes

It’s the perfect season to bring a beautiful, serene character to your walls. Create a magic of repeated patterns depicted in its peaceful best, or interlocking patterns that captivate the mind. Dialogues by Nirmals recommends using quality designs and soft hues to lend a cool and relaxing vibe to your room.

charm of tropics

Create an embodiment of idyllic fusion between Scandinavian design and tropical flair. Beyond Dreams suggests using natural materials, neutral tones, wood accents, and tropical touches to make your home a statement that’s one of a kind. A harmonious combination of modern aesthetic with timeless style creates a serene atmosphere.

pretty pastels

Pastel hues are excellent tools to craft spaces that speak elegance and exhibit quiet luxury, believes Aparna Kaushik. Enhance your home décor with delicate pastel shades. Create exemplary spaces that range from awe-strikingly expansive to stylishly intimate with the charm of pastels. Throw a dash of muted colour schemes that craft a luxurious design aesthetic.

mid-century magic

The mid-century modern style still holds sway in contemporary interiors. Characterised by clean lines, organic shapes, and minimalist forms, this style effortlessly blends functionality with elegance. Incorporate mid-century modern furniture into modern spaces to add a touch of retro chic and enduring appeal, urges Walls & Things.

tropical oasis

Breathe new life into your space with captivating prints and a breezy sensation. Maishaa advocates natureinspired elements that exude vibrant energy and transport you to a serene tropical paradise. The lush palm fronds, tropical flowers, and the use of vibrant colours and bold patterns add a playful touch to your space.

unpretentious luxury

Experiment with designs forged with an instinctive understanding of spaces. Embrace understated aesthetics contrastingly layered with compelling designs, tranquil yet primed for socialising. Alkove-Design approves of unpretentious luxury contrasted with innovative design gestures to render an endearing mix of personalities. Be ready for memorable soirees.

live artfully

Render flair, lavishness and bespoke aesthetics with luxury through design. Altus Luxury Living speaks of timeless coffee tables that are an embodiment of functionality smeared with luxury through elegant materials and fine craftsmanship. Sleek and minimalist, bold and dramatic, some coffee tables look opulent and extravagant and elevate the living experience.

victorian splendour

Create a refined elegance with glamorous designs that transport you to the gilded era of Victorian splendour and romance. Rosabagh endorses opulent cushions and bedding range to immerse the ambience with old-world glamour. The richness of jacquard, silky finish, handcrafted with immaculate embroideries, applique work and gold touches, means you can now craft your own palace at home.