About us

The Marwaris have historically been known for their enterprise and resilience. Hailing from an arid, inhospitable land, the Marwaris earned a reputation for their consistent commercial success, which became so legendary that the term Marwari grew to be synonymous with the entire mercantile class of Rajasthan.

The Marwari community has, over the ages, also steadfastly built on its past strengths and continued to gain recognition for its achievements in the arena of business, leveraging their business acumen to set up global enterprises beyond the borders of Rajasthan and India.

The appeal of the Marwari community has included a rich heritage and culture. A colourful people with a zest for life, the Marwaris have always been famed for their close knit family and tradition oriented lifestyle. To date, even with the adoption of modern conveniences in their lifestyle, the community continues to maintain its connection with its roots.

With the passage of time, the Marwari community has also managed to simultaneously metamorphose into a modern, high spending, and discerning consumer group with a consciousness for fashionable brands of a particular vintage.

Their Land

Marwar, in south-west Rajasthan lies mostly in the Thar Desert with an annual average rainfall of just 10-40 cms and extreme temperatures. Marwar is, thus, characterized by its harsh physical geography and a fragile ecology. If people are a reflection of their land, it is hardly surprising that Marwar has produced one of India’s most enterprising communities.

In ancient times, Marwar was known by the names of Maru, Marusthali, Marumedini, Marumandala, Marva, Marukantara, and Marudhara. Significantly, all the varying names, including the current day Marwar, mean a barren and deserted land. It is that arid environment, however, that has given birth to one of India’s richest cultures, known for its treasure trove of wall paintings, miniatures and architectural marvels. So much so, that the influence of Marwar and its people spread across Rajasthan, to the extent that today, it would not be an exaggeration to state that the identity of Marwar and Rajasthan are one and the same!

Their Culture

Marwar, like the rest of Rajasthan, has a proud tradition in art and culture. In fact, art seems to have been Marwar’s answer to bring colour into an otherwise harsh landscape. Virtually every form of material was transformed into a work of art to enliven the senses and make a strong statement. Be it stone, clay, leather, wood, ivory, lac, glass, brass, silver, gold or textiles, each was given the most brilliant and intricate of forms as apparel, jewellery , wall hangings, paintings, frescoes and sculptures.

Marwar is also known for its celebration of valour and its heroes. The Marwar festival, held annually in October, showcases folk songs and dances that eulogise the valour and courage of the rulers of the region. Perhaps the ideal of valour spilled into the daily lives of the citizens of Marwar as well, explaining the courage of the Marwari business community venturing into new enterprises.

Their Voice

Marwar and its people have a great deal to offer to the world. Despite this, the Marwari community has often been recognized only for its business drive and acumen. Marwar, the magazine, was launched a little over a decade ago with the objective of highlighting the rich heritage, culture and current day achievements of India’s Marwari community.

A bi-monthly, Marwar covers the lifestyle, culture and musings of the community’s globally recognized achievers in corporate corridors and other walks of life. With over 150 glossy pages every issue, Marwar also explores the heritage, culture and altruism of a community that is known for its colour and zest for life; making the magazine highly appealing to destination and armchair travellers. There’s more. Inside Marwar, the reader is invited to wander through a glamorous world of luxury featuring exquisite products and services.

Marwar is a portrait of one of India’s oldest communities but that portrait’s rich appeal is one that transcends borders and crosses oceans. Currently, the bi-monthly magazine has a circulation of over 50,000 and a readership of over 330,000 among the highly affluent and successful segment of Indian society and diaspora, mirroring the lifestyle reflected on the pages of the magazine.

In its 28 years, Marwar’s growth has been marked by many milestones, including the highly successful Marwar Mega Wedding and Marwar Lifestyle Show, which are seen as a natural extension of the magazine’s reflection of glamorous lifestyles.

There’s so much that Marwar offers its readers that today the magazine is recognized as a true portrait of the Marwari community and as one of India’s leading lifestyle magazines.