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By Rachna Virdi October 24, 2023

With more people embarking on the wave of luxury and limited edition jewellery, MARWAR INDIA decides to speak to jewellery specialists on the rising trend and the exciting times ahead in the industry.

What better time than the festive season to embrace upcoming jewellery trends? Talking about trends, there is a slow shift happening in the jewellery industry. With conventional jewellery being the norm a decade ago, today the discerning jewellery buyer is seeking contemporary trends like sparkles in fine jewellery. With more Indians having the wherewithal of spending power, luxury jewellery trends are riding high on the popularity wave. Statement jewellery, bright and whimsical pieces, cocktail looks, and bigger and bolder trends give a sense of elegance and surrealism and are much preferred by high-net worth customers for special occasions.

Welcome to the world of luxury jewellery trends that enhance the experience and make you feel good and unique. Luxury jewellery serves as a symbol of prestige, craftsmanship and individuality, making it an enduring representation of status and elegance. Look around and you find jewellery brands launching collections through invite-only exhibitions, creating an atmosphere of exclusivity and capturing the interest of the customer. Flip the pages to know what jewellery specialists opine about this evolution in the jewellery industry and take a sneak peek into their offerings in the luxury category.

varuna d jani

Jewellery Designer & Adornologist, Mumbai

There has been a shift in fine jewellery towards luxury trends, with a focus on statement pieces and bolder styles. Factors driving this change include the desire for individuality, social media influence, changing demographics, a preference for quality over quantity, the perception of jewellery as wearable art, the impact of the evolving fashion industry, customisation options, and exposure to diverse cultural designs. As a response, fine jewellery designers and brands are incorporating bolder styles to cater to the evolving demands of luxury consumers seeking self-expression and individuality in their choice.

India’s spending power and appetite for luxury goods has been on the rise due to its growing economy. Several factors contribute to this trend, such as rising income levels, the cultural significance of jewellery, changing consumer preferences, growing awareness and exposure to global trends, retail expansion of major luxury jewellery brands, and the significant demand during wedding and festive seasons.

The future of luxury jewellery looks promising with continued growth and evolving trends. Increasing awareness and exposure to global luxury brands will expand the market and lead to diverse designs. Customisation, e-commerce, sustainability, and technology will play key roles, and digital marketing and influencer collaborations will drive the industry forward. To thrive, jewellers are adapting to changing demands while upholding craftsmanship and quality that defines luxury jewellery’s appeal.

The brand offers a diverse range of styles to suit everyone’s preferences. Our statement pieces take centre stage, boasting an extensive selection of striking necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. Embracing the latest trends, our jewellery is designed to be versatile, featuring detachable jewellery pieces. Coloured gemstones, asymmetrical and geometric shapes, nature-inspired motifs, are among the captivating trends in our collections.

abhishek kajaria

Avama Jewellers, Kolkata

2023 is set to be the year of bold, statement-making jewellery that adds a touch of glamour and sophistication. A stunning pair of luxe earrings or a stunning bracelet never fails to bring the ideal finishing touch to any outfit, and accessories are the most adaptable pieces in one’s wardrobe. Vintage designs and heirloom pieces passed down generations are definitely here to stay this season. Apart from their sentimental value, heirlooms add a personal connection and allow one to embrace and celebrate one’s roots. It is a perfect way to add emotion in an ensemble. No other accessories, whether contemporary or classic, have the distinct ability to provide that punch of pure individuality except bold-statement vintage jewellery.

The luxury market is well poised to see positive growth. Thanks to our economic development, greater connectedness, and policy reforms, there is a plethora of opportunities for luxury companies to serve the young, affluent and confident Indian consumers. Post- Covid, most of the businesses seem to be recovering including the luxury sector. Consumers are ready to spend on weddings-due to smaller guest lists-which seems to be a great factor for the luxury sector, especially for jewellery.

palak & aastha

Co-Founders, Theaa Jewellery, Jaipur

The Indian jewellery industry is tremendously evolving, what with contemporary designs, technological advancements, and e-commerce, and customisation, ethical practices, branding, and changing consumer behaviour. It is getting more dynamic, innovative, and customer-centric, and is adapting to meet evolving trends and preferences.

The rise in the luxury jewellery market in India can be attributed to several factors. The country’s growing economy has led to an increase in disposable income, allowing consumers to indulge in luxury purchases. The influence of global fashion and lifestyle trends has sparked a desire for high-end designer jewellery among Indian consumers. Also, jewellery has deep cultural and social significance in India, representing status and wealth. The popularity of Bollywood and celebrity endorsements has further fuelled the demand for such jewellery.

Many exciting prospects lie ahead for the Indian jewellery industry, characterised by innovative designs, sustainable and ethical practices, personalised experiences, and a wider selection of luxury brands. The industry is set to become more customer-centric, catering to evolving preferences and values.

Our specialty lies in creating jewellery using recycled diamonds, free from nickel and lead, ensuring hypoallergenic pieces. We strive to merge eco-consciousness with a modern touch. Our collections draw inspiration from nature, celestial elements, and animals, each with its own distinctive narrative.

Aviral Prakash

Abhushan Jewellers, Agra

Indians are getting more accustomed to limited edition jewellery. We have observed a growing affinity among our customers for luxury jewellery crafted in limited editions. Limited edition pieces create a sense of exclusivity and appeal to the discerning tastes of customers who seek rare designs.

Setting a benchmark in luxury jewellery requires a harmonious fusion of the process and the ingredients used. We select high quality diamonds, gold and other precious gemstones as the foundation of luxury jewellery, ensuring brilliance and purity in every element. We collaborate with talented designers and exclusively create designs that embody elegance and sophistication. By upholding the stringent process and quality of ingredients—from sourcing to crafting—we ensure that each piece of jewellery is a masterpiece of elegance.

The demand for luxe jewellery is poised to flourish in the foreseeable future. As India’s economy thrives, more individuals seek unique ways to express their personal style and commemorate special occasions. We anticipate that the demand for exclusive and meticulously crafted jewellery will persistently rise. We aim to captivate the attention of potential customers by catering to the evolving preferences, adapting to changing trends, and exploring innovative marketing strategies.

Our designs are inspired by key aesthetics and themes, with a focus on capturing the beauty of nature. Our collections feature exquisite pieces that showcase the allure of emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, and other precious gemstones. We also incorporate contemporary stones like tanzanites and tourmalines, adding a touch of uniqueness to our designs. The use of these materials allows one to offer a wide array of choices to customers, ensuring there is something for every occasion. Our upcoming collections featuring elements such as peacocks, exotic flowers, vines, and water bodies, showcase current trends and embody the timeless beauty found in nature.

vinay bamalwa

Nemichand Jewellers, Kolkata

India is getting more affluent in the last five years and people are revenge buying jewellery that can be worn on multiple occasions instead of keeping it in the lockers. We are going bold yet wearable. Our clients love diamond and polki collections with chunky but elegant designs in rings, pendants and bracelets. Larger and rarer natural stones like emeralds and tourmalines are high up among the trendy gemstones.

The future of luxury trends is bright. People are much welltravelled than in the history of Independent India and they have a very refined and demanding taste. They love spending on jewellery, bags and watches but they are smart with their purchases. They insist on brands that are time tested and trendy at the same time. They won’t settle for anything average. Social media has put the world of design at everyone’s fingertips. Overall, it is a new era of designer luxury in India.