Partners in Life and Business

By Benaifer J Mirza April 08, 2024

Wondering what is the secret to a successful partnership? How do married business couples bond as business partners? With the month of love upon us, MARWAR talks to couples who share life and business.

Marriage is a gamble, they say. And, so is starting a business. So what happens when both come together? The best of both worlds, we would say! Meet three young and enterprising couples, who have struck just the right deal in love and business.

Riddhi and Siddharth Darda

A win-win partnership

Tistabene, a men’s clothing brand, is run by Riddhi and Siddharth Darda. While Siddharth is the founder, Riddhi plays the director’s role. Speaking of their journey as a couple and now as business partners, Siddharth says, “Making a relationship work is difficult, be it personal or professional, and having both with the same person is definitely not easy.

Anyone who knows us will agree that we both are fun and easy people to be around, but when it comes to business, we both have strong opinions. From our personal life we have learned that communication is the key and, having fun in all the little things is what makes the journey worthwhile.”

Having unique personalities, they both feel it is important to acknowledge each other’s strengths and weaknesses and use it to their advantage. They share similar values and goals, which pushes them to work towards a better future. Riddhi reckons that is the secret behind their successful business partnership.

It sure isn’t easy to keep personal and professional lives separate, or so you would think. Riddhi says, “Having been together for more than seven years now, we have achieved work-life equilibrium as well. We both prioritise each other, in terms of work and life. We keep healthy boundaries, such as having no-phone dinners and play dates with our kid. Similarly, when we are working, we try our best to keep it professional.”

Is Siddharth a better husband or business partner? Says Riddhi, “He is a win-win as a partner. Whether it comes to managing work meetings or changing diapers, he excels at everything.” Siddharth adds, “Riddhi has a superb personality whether it comes to managing motherhood or acing work. She has been by my side since I started this venture and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I think, she is a better wife for supporting me through my journey.”

As Marwaris, they have imbibed the spirit of never giving up. No matter how difficult a situation, they always find a way around it. The commitment to achieve and be successful pushes them to work harder every day.

Shraddha and Aabhar Dadhich

A powerful & resilient team

Kahva, managed by Shraddha and Aabhar Dadhich, produces beautiful artisanal block prints. While Shraddha is the Chief Operations Officer, Aabhar works as the Chief Growth Officer.

Speaking about how they play the balancing act, Shraddha says, “Our bond as a couple is built on the foundation of honesty, fair-mindedness, and a deep understanding of each other. We believe in open communication and transparency, which not only strengthens our personal connection but also serves as the cornerstone of our successful business partnership.”

She adds, “In our professional endeavours, we approach our roles as business partners with a sense of responsibility and consideration. We understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, leveraging our individual skills to create a harmonious and effective working dynamic. Our shared goals drive us to work towards a common vision, and we constantly support and encourage each other to achieve success.”

Mutual respect and a commitment to nurturing both aspects of their relationship play a crucial role in their bond. The synergy between their personal and professional selves creates a powerful and resilient partnership, allowing them to navigate challenges and celebrate triumphs together.

According to Shraddha, ongoing effort, commitment, and a shared dedication to the growth and prosperity of the venture are the secrets to a successful business partnership. They keep their personal and professional lives apart by actively scheduling and prioritising personal time together. They have separate workspaces to physically distance professional and personal activities. Having distinct areas for work and relaxation helps them createthat right amount of mental space.

While Aabhar feels Shraddha is perfect overall, as she makes a great wife and business partner, Shraddha feels that Aabhar is a better husband and that makes him a good business partner.

Aabhar shares one thing about their Marwari lineage that has helped them. “In my village, Bagar, Jhunjhunu, there is a saying: Hansi mein khaansi, khaansi mein hansi. Loosely translated, it means, don’t take your triumphs too seriously, and at the same time, don’t let setbacks keep you down for long.”

Tanvi & Ankur Agarwal

The perfect synergy

Home garden accessories brand, Bombay Greens is led by co-founders, Tanvi and Ankur Agarwal. Speaking about their partnership, Ankur says, “Our mutual passion for gardening helped us start Bombay Greens. We leverage each other’s skills-my expertise in gardening and manufacturing and Tanvi’s background in marketing and product innovation-creating a harmonious blend in our personal and professional lives.”

Open communication ensures that they are always on the same page regarding their goals, strategies, and any challenges that may arise. This transparency helps in building trust and allows them to make informed decisions together.

Tanvi adds, “We recognise and value each other’s strengths, which leads to a balanced and collaborative approach. Trusting in each other’s abilities fosters a positive working environment and enhances the overall effectiveness of our partnership.”

Speaking about the balancing act between the two worlds, Ankur says, “Establishing boundaries and setting clear expectations is crucial. We have defined specific working hours and designated spaces for our professional activities, helping us create a distinction between the two areas. Additionally, when challenges arise in business, we address them during scheduled meetings rather than letting them spill into our personal time.”

Tanvi notes that they make a conscious effort to engage in activities outside of work that bring joy and relaxation, helping them to recharge and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

About their partner being a better spouse or business partner, they concur that it is not about being better in one role over the other. Ankur says, “As a husband, I strive to be supportive, caring and understanding. As a business partner, I bring my skills and dedication to the table. The key is in finding a harmonious balance between the two roles, and I believe that by being a good husband, I contribute positively to our partnership in business.”

Tanvi shares, “I focus on being a supportive, loving, and understanding wife. In our business partnership, I contribute my skills and knowledge in marketing.

Striking a balance between these roles is essential, and by nurturing our personal relationship, we enhance our effectiveness as business partners.”

Ankur believes, a lot of their success could be attributed to the entrepreneurial spirit ingrained in Marwari culture, which has fuelled their ambition and drive. The emphasis on financial prudence and strategic decision-making has guided their business practices. Their Marwari heritage has provided a solid foundation, shaping their work ethic, values and approach to entrepreneurship.