A Celebration Of Love

By Team Marwar February 12, 2024

Holding hands and posting cheesy pictures on the gram is passé this Valentine season. Think of inviting and surreal experiences to share your love and spend quality time this season. We suggest some stunning offerings from around the globe to spend a wonderful time together.

Unwind at a romantic rendezvous

For a dreamy escape, head to Hotel Café Royal in the heart of London. Immerse in an indulgent evening of whispered promises, shared laughter, a warm candlelit ambience of Barbounia's Valentine's Dinner and exclusive treats to sweeten your celebration. What’s more, the package includes a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce, Range Rover, or Mercedes-Benz or self-drive supercar option.

A diverse celebration of love

Pemako Punakha promises to immerse you in the tranquillity of Bhutan with evenings spent in serene surroundings, a sundowner with handcrafted cocktails at the riverside, a private barbeque at the picnic deck under the starlit sky, savouring delectable cuisine and a rejuvenating spa treatment with traditional Bhutanese therapies.

Enjoy a romantic getaway

Head to Anopura, the sanctuary of wellness and tranquility, in the heart of Rajasthan's breathtaking landscapes. Tucked away from the chaos of everyday life, this haven reconnects you with your inner self amid the natural beauty of the countryside.

Explore a realm of romance

Try trend setting décor ideas by Awestruck Design Co. that does exquisite setups and décor for myriad occasions to elevate your event.

Have a love-filled adventure

Want to spend the weekend at an iconic destination? Go for a fun-filled staycation at Sevilla, The Claridges in New Delhi.

Embark on a culinary love affair

Set the stage for an unforgettable dining experience at The Swinton House in the Pink City of Jaipur where international modern cuisine meets the decadent flavours of Rajasthan. Savour the symphony of tastes and textures with signature offerings and the tantalising Valentino served in a coupe glass, La Barquera, elegantly presented in a wine glass, a perfect harmony of exquisite ingredients.